22 Nov

In honor of the holiday, I’m thankful for…

So, the fuel pump in our Tahoe went out again. Yeah, the “new” fuel pump. The one that a mere six weeks ago caused us to have to be towed from Mayfield to Benton.

The best part is, just like the first time, I had to call a tow truck to come and get me. Only this time, instead of being in the parking lot of a grocery store, I had just merged onto Purchase Parkway when, without warning, my beloved Tahoe…dies…


So, I call the same tow truck/mechanic that put it on for us six weeks ago, because it’s under warranty. They tow me in, I hitch a ride back to work and wait for their call. Sure enough, it’s the fuel pump. Cool! It’s under warranty, right?! Yes, but not by Mechanic.  I purchased the fuel pump on my own. I went to O’Reily’s intending to put it on with the help of a friend. Friend ended up having to work leaving me to have Mechanic do it. That means Mechanic can’t honor a warranty for a part they didn’t supply. Joy.

So, I call O’Reily’s. Yup, part is under warranty. Yay! Part is replaceable immediately. Yay! I have to pay for labor to replace it up front and then they’ll cut me a check to reimburse me…in up to three month’s time.

Fine. I’m okay. I am fine. You are fine. Everything is fine. We are all. Just. FINE. 


Call back Mechanic. Explain what O’Reily’s said. They’re sympathetic. I explain that I’m pretty well broke because I have a problem when it comes to anticipating the unexpected (Lesson learned? Ha!) and also Christmas. They tell me if I can pay a majority of what’s due, they’ll let me post date a check for the remainder. Cool. I can totally squeeze that together.

Fast forward a day. Tahoe is ready. I take my money and hitch a ride up to Mechanic’s shop. I pay my portion, leave a hot check dated for my next payday, and grab the keys.

Back. In. Business.


Less than an hour later, I get a call from Mechanic. Someone anonymously paid my remaining balance and I can come pick up my hot check. I am honestly in complete disbelief and make her repeat herself at least three times to make sure I’m hearing her right.


The most incredible thought, and the actual meaning of this post, is that while going through the list of people in my head of who it could’ve been, I was overwhelmed with possibilities. We are so very blessed with great people in our lives that I’d have to randomly guess at who it was every day for the next couple years and probably still not got it right.

I honestly hope whoever it was is a reader of my blog and sees this post. If you happen across it, I just want you to know how incredibly thankful I am for you, for what you do and who you are. Even though you remained anonymous, you mean so much to us. You are the type of person that restores faith in humanity. I can’t wait until I get the opportunity to pay it forward.

Thank you.


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