Sum’s Tech Services

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I’m Zach Martin and I make up Sum’s Tech Services. I serve the city of Benton, Kentucky and surrounding areas, specializing in computer repair and website development.

Graphic design, website building, website hosting, network troubleshooting and repair, Windows domain controller servicing, Linux System Administration, and even just walking with you or a loved-one through simple step-by-step processes are a small list of services I offer.


Computer Repair/Technical Help

  • Private Individuals: Billing rate is $30 an hour with a one-hour minimum and an additional $10 for each half-hour after.
  • Businesses: Billing rate is $50 an hour with a two-hour minimum and an additional $30 for each hour after.

Website Building

  • Website Building: Build rate is $35 an hour with a three-hour minimum and a $20 domain registration fee due at job start. Each following hour will be billed at $20. Fees must be paid in full before the website will be published or turned over for hosting elsewhere.

Website Hosting

  • Hosting: Hosting rate is $8 a month for six months or $6 a month for a 12 months. A $20 domain registration fee will be billed every 12 months in addition to hosting fees. Fees must be paid in full before the website will be published.

Graphic Design

  • Graphic Design: Design rate is $50 an hour billed with a two-hour minimum due at job start. Each following hour will be billed at $35. Vector images will be provided. Adobe Illustrator files/PSDs can be provided at an additional cost determined by the size of the job.

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